Reduced Mobility

Accessibility on regular public services

74,5% of our fleet is equipped with total accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), with room for a wheelchair and backrests and access ramps.

Routes with accessibility features

29B, 701, 703, 705, 716, 720, 722, 726, 728*, 729, 730, 735, 736, 744, 747, 755, 756, 767, 770, 778, 781, 782, 783, 794 and 798.

* On route 728, these conditions are only assured on 50% of the fleet (interspersed).


Wheelchair transport

Transport of manual or electric wheelchairs is limited to the following sizes and weight:

  • Length - 1250 mm
  • Width - 700 mm
  • Height - 1350 mm
  • Weight – 300 kg (wheelchair and user)


Reduced mobility scooters

Reduced mobility scooters cannot be transported on our vehicles.

Special reduced mobility service

Door-to-door service, operating through reservations, in all areas of Lisbon Municipality that are part of our network. This is aimed at passengers with 60% (or more) declared disability.

Access conditions

This service is aimed at passengers with a declared disability of 60% or more and access to it is dependent on the provision of substantiating evidence of this.

To this end, go to the Santo Amaro Shop and hand in the following documents:

  • Passport photo;
  • Identity Card;
  • Medical certificate declaring that the holder has a disability of 60% or more.


Service reservation

This service can be reserved once substantiating evidence for the declared disability has been presented.

Reservations must be made up to two days before the intended journey, by contacting:

  • CARRIS Terminal, Musgueira | 213 613 141 

Important: for the proper functioning of the service, each user must:

  • confirm his appointment on the day before the intended trip;
  • be punctual, being at the agreed place, at the scheduled time.


Price and payment

The price of this service is equivalent to the On-board Fare (€2 = 1 person; 1 journey) and tickets are bought on the vehicle.


Operating hours

Monday to Friday: 6:30 am / 9:30 pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 8 am / midday and 2 pm / 6 pm



Any cancellations not reported in good time will be charged the next time this service is used. 


Vehicle specifications

The vehicles used on this special reduced mobility service have the following characteristics:

  • Seats with seat belts
  • Electric lift platform for wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair securing and locking systems for use during the journey

Capacity: 10 passengers (5 in wheelchairs and 5 seated)