Rights and Duties

General Conditions for Passenger Transport

The general conditions for CARRIS passenger transport are defined by CARRIS and approved by the Mobility and Transport Institute under the terms of Decree-Law No. 9/2015, of 15 January.

Customer Charter

The Customer Charter contains the duties of passengers using our service and our commitment to this undertaking. 

CARRIS takes on its mission in the following Commitments:


1. To provide a quality service meeting the customer’s expectations;

2. To ensure a transport service for all of Lisbon’s population, ensuring bus stops at a pratical distance and contributing to the Intermodular articulation;

3. To provide clear and correct information of the service, in normal situations or in service disruptions on the appropriate channels;

4. To define schedules adjusted to demand, adopting quick necessary corrective measures, within the framework of the public service it provides;

5. To adopt measures to ensure regularity with the entities responsible for the public roads management;

6. To promote and supply high standards of security for the service and for the client;

7. To ensure an adequate ticket sales network;

8. To maintain CARRIS’ infrastructures and vehicles in good repair and cleanliness;

9. To ensure the availability of resources in order to provide the desired quality customer service;

10. To ensure that the service provided can easily be used by all, especially for customers with reduced mobility, in cooperation with the competent Public authorities;

11. To promote energy efficiency criteria to reduce the emission of pollutants and thus contributing to the environment’s protection;

12. To obtain the customer's opinion about the service providing the proper channels in which to do it;

13. To consider customer’s complaints and suggestions as a source of information for service improvement and also to help provide solutions.

Customers’ collaboration is fundamental to reach the proposed quality standards. Is this way, the use of Public Transport supplied by Carris should be done respecting simple rules which provide better quality of the service supplied with benefits to all.


In this way customers must:


1. Always carry a valid and validated ticket and present it to the company’s representative when solicited.

2. Not smoke inside the vehicles. If done, is punishable by law.

3. Respect the existing norms related to animal transportation, bicycles and other private objects which, by their volume or content could possibly cause inconvenience or danger.

4. Use equipment appropriately, according to instructions and rules of use.

5. Respect the closing door signal and other safety warnings.

6. Comply with the provision of designated seats for reduced mobility and other priority customers.

7. Maintain vehicles clean by using the existing recipients provided for garbage collection.

8. Avoid making noise which could disturb other passengers.

9. Behave in a responsible manner, both in relation to other clients or to company representative, always respecting the information they transmit;

10. Alert the appropriate company representative concerning any abnormal or dangerous situation.


CARRIS and the customer are obliged to comply with all the requirements established in the applicable legislation in force.