CARRIS is here for everybody

Today, CARRIS is launching an advertising campaign which is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of all the employees who continued, continue and will continue to assure the mobility of the people of Lisbon in safety, as well as that of all the passengers who continued to travel on CARRIS, those who are returning little by little and those who should continue to stay at home.

Life for those accustomed to travelling around the city every day, carrying people to and fro, has been very different in recent months, a mix of emotions, from pride at being on the frontline, to missing the well-known faces that broke the routine, the nostalgia brought by a city under lockdown and the fears, but also the hope that the future may come quickly, without the pandemic, with all the joy of returning and reencountering all the passengers and their routines.

"These were the feelings that were in the air at CARRIS during these times, which made us understand that this is the message we want to share", said Francisco Aires Sousa, Commercial and Marketing Director at CARRIS. "We wanted to tell everybody that we are and we will be here for the people of Lisbon, that we will always be a company ready to transform itself and accompany the changes in any situation. Whether in a state of emergency, during the phased resumption or in the future that will come, we will create the conditions to be able to welcome our customers in safety", added Francisco Aires de Sousa.

At times like these, we cannot sit back and relax; we must show ourselves, we must show who we are, how we think and what we feel. We could not but express how we miss each one of our customers, or tell them that we are doing everything we can to welcome them back in safety as they gradually resume their comings and goings around Lisbon.

This was our way of showing our pride in, and to thank, all those who are on the frontline and those who have stayed at home so patiently. 

The creative concept is by Fuel and the advertisement was made with one of our “Crown Jewels”, a real driver as the face of CARRIS, although from behind a mask because of safety regulations, driving a bus along the still empty streets of Lisbon City.