Changes to our service

In light of the constant monitoring being carried out by CARRIS management and to reinforce the measures that have already been implemented, the Board of Directors of CARRIS has decided to further reinforce preventive measures against COVID-19.



Timetables have been changed on March 30rd. Please check the new timetables here >>



  • Buses and trams: 734, 749, 765, 782, 798, 24E and 25E.
  • Funiculars: Bica, Lavra and Glória.
  • Lifts: Santa Justa 
  • Carreiras de Bairro: 22B, 31B, 32B, 37B, 43B, 44B, 58B, 70B, 73B, 76B e 79B.



  1. Passengers will get on and off via the back door. Priority should be given to passengers getting off.
  2. As people will be getting on the buses via the exit door, passengers should follow the rules they normally use on other means of transport (particularly the Metro and trains), i.e. let the other passengers off before getting on the vehicle.
  3. The driver's area will be taped off, and we ask that all passengers respect this.
  4. The sale of on-board tickets has been suspended. 
  5. Ticket validation by passengers is optional.
  6. You don't need to press STOP now. We stop at all stops!
  7. Access to the Santa Justa viewpoint and the Santa Justa lift is closed.
  8. The Lavra, Bica and Glória funiculars are closed.
  9. All CARRIS Shops and Kiosks have been closed indefinitely.


CARRIS thanks you all for your understanding, given these changes and recommendations. All the measures being implemented are in place in order to better protect both our employees and our passengers.



Telephone: (+351) 213 613 000Working days | 8 am to 8 pm